San Francisco Movement Arts Festival

‚ÄčSan Francisco Movement Arts Festival

...this is our firth year event celebrating the local movement arts of San Francisco Bay Area. Prior years, our celebrations in the form of an Oscar show, were held at the Carousal downtown San Francisco (2012), ODC Theater in the Mission District SF (2013) and at the Sequoias SF (2014). That trilogy of award shows have lead to this festival. This is the second annual celebration of SFMAF. We'll be celebrating four main areas of movement arts: Dance, Theater, Music & Visual Art. SFMAF was created by BayAreaDanceWatch - a Non-Profit 501(c)3 corporation. BayAreaDanceWatch facilitates the documenting of local performances via online essays at and is involved with mentoring and consulting with local artists and companies and producing local performances and events in the SF Bay Area. Further inquiries can be made to:


What you'll see and do at the festival...

Multiple performances "Stations of the Movement," (over 12 Stations on the main floor, hallways and inside chapels), will be going on, simultaneously, as you enter St Mary of Assumption (Jan 13th, 2017) and Grace Cathedral (Jan 20th, 2017). You may stroll around and witness the movement artists. A number of stations will have multiple groups performing very short pieces, the groups will keep rotating. Each group will be presenting pieces of 4 minutes or less - in duration. This will allow audience members to see as many pieces as possible, but we encourage you not to try and see all performance pieces. Instead, witness what you can and enjoy both the artists and your Cathedrals themselves. It's a festival. At St Mary's we will be using dance, theater, music and visual arts to honor and celebrate Mother Mary. At Grace we will be using dance, theater, music and visual arts to celebrate and honor the strong and diverse SF Bay Area local art scene. There will be plenty of areas to sit and rest as you go.

Like going to a Farmer's Market but instead of produce it's performances...

The Stations of the Movement will be capped off with a main dance piece, down the center of the church's main floor. We will give thanks and acknowledge our performers. Right afterwards, there will be a dessert reception downstairs in the conference and gymnasium centers AND there will be plenty of performance antics going on - you won't want to miss these. All are invited to the reception.

Come and join us as we do

A Walkabout in Grace

at one of the largest and gorgeous Cathedrals in the U.S.

                                                    Stations of the Movement

                                                     STATION of the Commanding Labyrinth
                                                     STATION of the Red Stone
                                                     STATION of the Main Altar Steps
                                                     STATION of the Gold Railing in Hallway
                                                     STATION of the Stone Stairs Music
                                                     STATION of the Movement Choir #1
                                                     STATION of the Movement Choir #2
                                                     STATION of the Artistic Pole Dancer
                                                     STATION of the Aerial Dancers (Inside Cathedral)
                                                     STATION of the Aerial Dancers (Outside Cathedral)
                                                     STATION of the Carrying Burden (Roaming Station)
                                                     STATION of the 50 Person Choir (Pre-Show)
                                                     STATION of the Dancers as Models (Pre-Show plus)
                                                     STATION of the AIDS Memorial Chapel (Picture TAKING  !!)
                                                     STATIION by the Glass Doors
                                                     STATION in Front of Grace Chapel
                                                     STATION in Front of the Nativity Chapel
                                                     STATION behind Main Altar

                                                     Roaming STATIONS will be moving thru the audience

                                                         ...there'll be some Roaming Stations as well.