6:00pm - Box Office OPENS

6:45pm - Cathedral Doors Open - Stations in progress

8:40pm - Stations of the Movement End

8:41pm - Announcements & Thank You Speech.

8:50pm - Main Performance down center of church.

9:00pm - Meet & Greet - audience & artists - main floor.

9:15pm  - END

Tickets for SFMAF coming ...

 Turning Grace Cathedral into a stage !

Jan 19th, 2018 ... (Friday)


ALL Donations go to Artists

Credit Cards or PayPal - Thank You !!

San Francisco Movement Arts Festival

Using local Dance, Theater, Music & Visual Arts, SFMAF (with 120+ local artists) will be celebrating both the past year (2017) and the beginning of the new year (2018) in movement arts of the SF Bay Area local art scene - as we turn Grace Cathedral into stage - including the main church floors, hallways, stairways, entryways and attached chapels. The actual performances will be going on, simultaneously, throughout the grand cathedral, as people stroll about like at a farmer's market. Click "About Us" this website more info.