San Francisco Movement Arts Festival

Grace Cathedral

Friday  - Jan 13th, 2017 

7:00pm  to  8:45pm  plus...

Grace Cathedral   

  San Francisco

With 150+ local artists in Dance - Theater - Music - visual arts, SFMAF will be celebrating the new year 2017 & past year 2016 in movement arts of the San Francisco Bay Area - as we turn the entire Cathedrals of Grace and St Mary into stages. Including the upstairs main church floors, hallways, inside chapels & outside stairways. As audience enters the Cathedrals, performances will be going on, simultaneously, throughout the grand churchs. There'll be over 12 Stations of the Movement (performances) at each church.

Like going to a Farmer's Market, but instead of produce it'll be performances.

A Walkabout in Grace at both Cathedrals...

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 Turning entire Cathedrals​​
into stages...

Evening Schedule both Cathedrals

6:00pm - Sign in.

6:45pm - Doors Open (promptly)

7:00pm - Stations of the Movement (in progress)

8:40pm - Stations of the Movement (conclude)  

8:40pm - Announcements & Thank You(s)

8:50pm - Main dance down center of Cathedral 

9:00pm - 15 minute meet & greet on main church floors...

9:15pm - Cathedral closes - Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow....

St Mary of Assumption
Friday  - Jan 20th, 2017 
7:00pm  to  8:45pm  plus...